Team Management Systems Profiles

Assessments to support you through your Business Transformation

Uniforté are accredited providers of The Team Management Systems (TMS) Profiles that help build a complete picture of the different ways that people approach work and helps to explain why people at work “do what they do”. The TMS Suite of Profiles explain workplace behaviour and can show individuals, leaders and their organisations how to motivate and energise people.

Designed to ensure business success and improve organisational effectiveness through the building of insight and awareness of work processes, we offer the opportunity to complete the following TMS self-reporting assessments and receive a personalised debrief to complement your training.

The following assessments can be completed online and are supported with a telephone based debrief, delivered by an experienced Uniforté TMS Qualified coach.

Your Uniforté TMS Qualified Coach will apply Action Learning to help you and/or your team achieve measureable results in your workplace. Change has never been easier.


Personal Development, Team Development, Management Development Training

Team Management Profile
  • Identify & Understand Work Preferences
  • Build high performing Leaders
  • Enhance Team Development
  • Manage Change effectively

The Team Management Profile (TMP) is a personalised report that gives individuals insights and feedback into how they work and their preferred role within a team, based on the Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel™. This Profile focuses on work preferences as well as individual differences making it easy to connect individual development to operational realities in the workplace.

Our personal development, team development and management development training will enable everyone to interact more effectively to achieve important goals, through action learning in current projects so you can measure results.


Develop a balanced approach to Risk Management

Opportunities-Obstacles Profile
  • Motivation / Personal Drivers
  • Facilitate Change
  • Deal with Uncertainty
  • Understand Risk Profiles

The Opportunities-Obstacles (QO2™) Profile determines the balance of effort people put into seeing the opportunities or obstacles at work and reveals how individuals are likely to approach risk. It can be used to assist in understanding individual behaviour and striking a balance between team members who may be overly cautious in pursuing new ventures and those who are prone to making hasty decisions.

This personal development, team development, executive and management development training will enable everyone to address important risks and issues to your organisation or projects, so you can achieve realistic and timely business results.


Develop Team Management through Organisational Values

Window on Work Values Profile
  • Promote Values
  • Understand and Manage Conflict
  • Build Teamwork
  • Support Culture Change

The Window on Work Values Profile (WoWV) emphasises the importance of values and how they influence the behaviour of people at work. Feedback focuses on value types that are fundamental drivers of behaviour and can be applied to individual and team development.

Make Team Management easier. Our team workshops will use the data to enable a culture change to lift team performance through action learning in current projects, so you can measure the benefits of cohesive Organisational Values.

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