Increase Stakeholder Engagement

“I think happiness is a combination of pleasure, engagement and meaningfulness.”

(Ian K. Smith)


It has been widely researched that organisational goals can be achieved through the support of engaged stakeholders.   Stakeholders who are not engaged are often labeled as “resistant”.   Resistance can be prevented with the right Stakeholder Engagement approach.


Prevent Resistance

Avoid resistance altogether through competent Stakeholder Engagement.

We’ll  encourage you to avoid the term  “Stakeholder Management”.  Sounds more like managing widgets, than engaging people.

We’ll encourage you to lead your people so that they can and will make change successful for you.

You’ll be able to give them the feeling that they are valued and rewarded, even if they can’t be part of the organisation’s future.


Repeatable People Focused Processes…

We can help you become like other savvy Management Teams and Project Management Teams that increase Stakeholder Engagement by creating an environment in which stakeholders contribute to the design of the future through a genuine consultation process.

Such managers ensure that relevant stakeholders have the right information at the right time for the right reasons to enable them to make decisions relating to their scope of work through a genuine two way communication process.

They support stakeholders to collaborate on the journey of change and manage cooperation between all parties to achieve goals in accordance with work schedules.

They are aware of stakeholder motivations and reward and compensate them in meaningful ways, through appropriate management and leadership systems and behaviours.

They ensure that stakeholders are capable of making the journey of change with appropriate levels of training and education.

They ensure that stakeholders are aware of and can complete their roles and responsibilities throughout the change with appropriate human resource management and business management practices.


…Lead to Satisfying Success 

Finally, the same savvy Management Teams and Project Management Teams celebrate the achievement of project benefits with those who delivered those benefits: the Stakeholders.

They find that stakeholders learn to trust them and that trust grows with successive projects and initiatives, which allows them to ask ever-more of stakeholders.

Over time, our graduates avoid resistance altogether through competent Stakeholder Engagement.


Become a trusted, confident and successful Manager of Stakeholder Engagement.

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