Improve Project Success Rates

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value”

(Albert Einstein)


To improve project success rates, organisations need too look further than excellent systems, processes and procedures.

In 1995, Harvard University’s John Kotter found that only 30% of projects were successful.

In 2010, McKinsey’s research concluded the same result.

This finding was surprising given all the education, training and template filling processes, software and products that had been implemented in those 15 years.

Developing people to lead and manage well, however, is the proven key that unlocks the door to successful project management, change management and organisational results.


Competent Management and Powerful Leadership

Competent Management means having the technical skills, knowledge and behaviours to manage the business, projects and change. Every project that fails results in lost opportunity and puts the organisation and its people at risk and this is true of business-as-usual as well.

Powerful Leadership is the chemistry that ignites hearts and minds in future states and binds them to work effectively together. It creates the environment to innovate and be creative together. It inspires people to recover from disasters together. It encourages people to take up opportunities and make the world – their world – a better place.

Anyone can fill out templates and follow processes, but competent management is about thinking, planning and understanding the context and complexity of the environment and deciding what works in different environments and conditions.


Succeed in complex environments, ambiguity and challenging cultures

Select any of our products and services to improve your project success rates.    On this page, we offer you the opportunity to start with the person in the mirror – and what an exciting discovery that can be.

Finding your strengths is always a pleasure because you’ll come to confidently use them as needed.

Working on your development opportunities is how you’ll continue your success.

All success starts with leaders, so start building your own powerful leadership skills today.


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