Change Management Consulting

It’s a changing world… How resilient is your organisation?

Uniforte provides Change Management Consulting services that enable organisations and their people to thrive on change. Call today to lift your performance tomorrow.

Benefit from Best Practice in Change Management

  • Improve organisational change outcomes and achieve project benefits
  • Retain, attract and improve on how your organisation manages its talent
  • Reduce recruitment costs, improve Performance Management and Succession Planning results
  • Turn change and project teams into High Performing teams
  • Raise Stakeholder Engagement and reduce Employee Disengagement
  • Improve Cultural wellbeing
  • Increase innovation, motivation and performance

Be viable and competitive

Changing with the times means having the capability and capacity to do so. Organisations of any size need to respond to change quickly and efficiently so they can remain viable and competitive.

  • identify your organisation’s barriers to success
  • recommend a solution that will turnaround the success of your current projects and initiatives
  • test the solution to ensure that it’s working effectively and efficiently
  • train and develop your people to grow their change management competence, including change leadership and governance
  • monitor and review your projects’ outcomes and benefits to ensure a consistent level of success.

Become an organisation that always meets its goals

Imagine that. An organisation that always meets its goals.

We did imagine that, and it’s why we wrote the RIMER Methodology, the National Competency Standards in Organisational and Community Change Management, and Australia’s first Diploma of OCM.

Your solution will be a tailored change management methodology, integrated with your project method, business planning, human resource planning and financial planning.


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