Change Management Coaching & Mentoring

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement is a prerequisite for successful change.  Book our Change Management Coaching for your Management Team, Project Managers and Change Managers and achieve outstanding business results.

Need  Stakeholder Support?

Stakeholders needs expert support through work place and work life changes, especially if these result in redundancy and an uncertain future. They need to know their options, plan the way ahead and start making progress as soon as possible.   We’ve never met a manager who wasn’t saddened at having to let good people go.  We know you care about your staff so let our expert support put your mind at rest while we put their’s at rest.

Management Team

Leading your people is the one thing that only you can do. Your job as a Change Leader is the single most important key to success for any change in your business area. Your people rely on you to take them into the future so use our coaching to become the best you can be for them and your business. Enjoy seeing your name on your Organisation’s Succession Plan of celebrated performers.

Project and Change Managers

Project Managers can find it difficult to meet the needs of their masters, clients, teams and stakeholders.  Developing your project leadership and stakeholder engagement skills can greatly simplify the delivery of on-time and on-budget business solutions.

Change Managers are often challenged by the wide range of roles they are expected to fulfill.  Developing a Stakeholder Engagement Model will provide a strategic and operational perspective of the change, and help you to guide your clients, colleagues and stakeholders to better prepare for it.

“Christina has reoriented me to a way of working that has freed me up and allowed me to progress my worth to the world. I’ve reconnected myself to my responsibilities. My people skills have improved and I have learned to truly value the individual for who they are and what they contribute, just as Christina has helped me to learn about myself.”
— Loretta Perry
Manager, Queensland Government
Department of Communities“I’ve learnt to be more strategic in my thinking and I’ve learnt the value of being more people focused in my career. Your insights and advice at the personal level have helped tremendously in my role as a senior manager.”
— Anthony Jamieson,
Department of Communities

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