About Uniforté

Director’s profile – Christina Dean

ABOUT UNIFORTE… Strength in Unity


Our Vision is that  “Our clients survive and prosper through change.

Our Mission is that “To build our client’s change management capability and capacity, one step at a time.

We believe that all change should add value, so let us help you turn your strategy into reality

When you need your strategy, project or initiatives to really add value to your business, you’ll want to make sure it works the first time – there is no time or money for mistakes anymore.

Think of managing change as a like managing traffic flow. You could put traffic lights at the intersections or you could call the ambulance when necessary. Which is safer, more efficient and more effective? The most important point is that if change is planned well in the first place, it will reduce the mistakes and therefore, the need for an ambulance.

The results of those mistakes, one project at a time, are causing staff, stakeholders, customers to disengage, innovation and creativity to be shut down and opportunities to evaporate. Organisations gradually die off, their people and funds exhausted.

Knowing how to manage change is what we do best because we’ve been doing it for 40 years. We’ve made each of those years count toward the experience that you need to ensure that your organisation and people survive and thrive in a world that’s on technology steroids.

Our Mission is to support organisations and their people to build their change capability, one step at a time.

This is our way of helping them to be prosperous and thriving, in all circumstances.

We do that by being more that just suppliers of Change Management training, consulting and coaching.

We are the creators of the Australian National Competency Standards in Organisational Change Management and Australia’s first Diploma of Organisational Change Management.

While we are often copied, we are never bettered because true creators are always creating, always overturning assumptions, always focussed on providing solutions to overcome customer frustrations; and always taking risks.

Our Mission drives us not to give up.

One of our clients, Telstra says that “bigger companies tend to be more risk averse. It’s the smaller companies that lead the way for the bigger companies to follow.” We are that small innovator, forever creating better solutions for organisations and communities to manage the inevitable changes they need to implement to stay profitable, competitive, relevant, efficient and yes, even happy. Change doesn’t have to result in human catastrophe – there are better ways and we’re happy to show you how to be all of those things as well as an employer of choice.

Our book, RIMER …Managing Successsful Change Methodology with all its Best Practice in Business Management templates, is licensed to students of the our Dip OCM. RIMER is your guarantee of quality because it is the basis of those National Standards and the Diploma. RIMER means that you don’t just learn about managing change, you become competent at starting, implementing and completing it too. Ideas are terrific, but up until someone like you with our RIMER toolkit comes along, that’s all they’ll ever be – ideas. Learn from us and you’ll know how to turn those ideas into reality; you will become a rare asset in any organisation, community or family.

In business since 1992, while our clients include large organisations like Optus, Telstra, QR, CITEC, QR National, Ergon Energy, Westpac, Coles Myer, Queensland Audit Office and many Local, State and Federal Government bodies, we love to work with smaller organisations too, because that’s where we can make the greatest difference, quickly. Watching a manager turnaround a change in their business is what makes us come to work each day. it’s always a privilege to help that happen.

Our people have Masters qualifications in business, executive coaching, communications and counselling, education and Project Management.

Our clients work with us because they achieve the results they were hoping for. Our products and services are based on academic Masters level, global Best Practice research of thousands of organisations that have been improved or reformed and we’ve applied that research in real life programs and projects in our own work in the trenches with clients, with great success. Our products and services are:

  • So reliable and rigorous that our clients can rely on giving them a consistently strong result for any initiative or strategy
  • So adaptable that they fit any program, project, change or Change Management methodology
  • So effective that stakeholders and the project team work together toward common goals
  • So streamlined that they save time, cost and effort
  • So fast to start-up because there is no lengthy learning curve.

We are innovators so we understand if you are trying to improve something or to do something new. If it’s important that your next change adds value and you can’t afford a disaster, then talk to us now on 07 3256 8788 so we can create a solution with you that’s just right for you.

We promise to add value to your organisation and your people.